Thursday, February 12, 2009

Organization is the key

Lauren Meader designs these awesome templates called Timeless Templates. I used her Perfect Matchbox template to design this four-drawer organizer. Here is what I did: I used four of the box templates and stacked them two high on top of each other. Then I glued them together, top and sides. To add further srability, I measured and glued chipboard to the sides, top and bottom. Next, I glued patterned paper to the top and sides. For the drawer pulls, I made a hole in each drawer, then punched out a small scallop to match, put an eyelet in the middle with my Crop-a-dile. I also put a lighter weight chipboard on the insdie front of each drawer. I plan to store cut-outs, punched flowers, etc. Thanks Lauren.


Marjorie said...

Love your organization box. You know we are all going to want Jen to do a .cut file for that. LOL
You did a great job and I also saw the Valentine box that you just cut and decorated for Jen's site. Great job on that also. Thanks for sharing your wonderful things.

FayraiDesigns said...

Thanks Majorie for your upbuilding comments and for visiting my blog.

Jen said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love Lauren't creation. She is truley a great inspiration! And you make such beautiful things with her templates. Thanks for sharing

Jen said...

ACK! Typo city on that last comment. Sorry :o(