Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Surprise package

I rushed to the post office to pick up a surprise package from my son and DIL.

Monday, June 29, 2015

My weekend

Here's what I did this past weekend. I attended a spiritual convention with over 7,000 other spiritual people. The convention's theme was: Imitate Jesus.
What a spiritual feast it was!

Fauxbonichi Style

As July approaches, I have some new approaches to journaling that I am going to embark upon. I have to admit that I did not always like journaling but with some of the new techno goodies that are available today , I am rethinking that idea and recreating my writing style. So since my latest "fauxbonichi " is almost filled up, I'm starting a new one which will include the listersgottalist challenge.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Canvas Decor

After cleaning and purging my room recently, I decided that I wanted to add some handmade
decor to my craft area.  I had saved a catchy saying that I found on the web and used it as the basis for my creating.  To start, I took a small 8x10 canvas and proceeded to add some embellishments.  I layered on a scrap piece of a telephone book page, painted it and then adhered it to my canvas.

Next, I added two strips of cardstock, some of my scrap writing paper that I
write little snippets of notes, wood letters(that I painted) and then I took a clear
script stamp and covered the canvas randomly. I also added some
doodles and lastly one of my hand-drawn artsy flowers. I can't wait
to display it in my craft space.

Getting my Summer Craft On

Well it's here, summer vacation. What a wonderful time for me. I get 2 and a half months off with stress-free living. Well, at  least a little less dtressful. So what am I doing? Crafting my little hands and brain away. Check out my IG account(button right) to see what I'm doing. I dusted off my Imagine and it is working double duty helping me to create stickers for my planners. What's next? I guess some awesome projects are just ahead. So stay tuned