Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Sissix Die Project

Boy! Was I on a roll this week. I created a mini album using another Sissix die. This die is like an A10 mailing envelope. I used the die and cut out several envies to created a cute little mini that has a lot of realstate. The top of the envie is open so that tags or photomats can be housed there. The envie itself has a lot of room for embellies and more photomats. Enjoy!

Pocket Envelope Project

These Sissix dies keep on packing a powerful punch. They are so versatile and fun to work with. I created a project recently using a pocket envelope die. Because these dies can cut through so many different types of material, it makes for an interesting journey. I created this project with lots of them(pockets) to hold tags and anything else you can stuff into them. You might make one to house your coupons or your receipts from purchases. The uses are endless. I hope you like this project. I also have a YouTube video showing all the features.