Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My POOR, POOR Blog!  I have neglected it so.  I've started on a new(well not really new) journey in my creative life.  I have revived my art journaling journey.  I have been creating tiredly and excitely for two weeks or more to complete my first art journal.  Actually I am working in two journals at the same time.  WOW! What a RUSH!  I feel so refreshed.  I had come to a standstill with my other crafts largely due to some disappointments regarding craft equipment that no longer is useful to me.(SOB)(SOB) So I was creating but my heart was not fully in it.  Then I stumbled on some art journaling videos and the rest is history.  Where will this venture take me I have not quite figured all of that out yet.  But I know this one thing:  I LOVE this renewed journey.  So I'll share two of my pages with you today and more soon.  I hope you like them.