Monday, July 21, 2014

"Because I'm Happy"

Who doesn't want to be HAPPY? And who doesn't like to receive some HAPPY MAIL? I recently became engrossed with this art form. It is quite fulfilling to gather  and embellish some of these lovable and mailable crafty things.  It is also quite a big deal to receive some as well.  So here are
some things that I do prepare to send some of these out.
I usually save business type envelopes that I receive in the mail.  I disassemble them, turn them inside out and reattach them.   Then I hit them with the paint and embellish until there is no end.

I intend for these to be pockets to use in art journaling projects. 

Next I use a large 9x12 envelope and hit it with the paints and embellishments(most of which are homemade). I also sew up a paper sack to hold the "goodies".

Finally, I seal everything inside the large envelope and add the addresses to the outside and send it on it's way. I get such a HAPPY feeling when I do this. The whole process is so fulfilling. And even if I don't receive a "Thank you so much", I keep on sending out these little pieces of happiness over again and again.  After all it's not about receiving , it's all about the giving.  Have you felt that HAPPY feeling lately?  If not, then why not join the rest of us and send out some HAPPY MAIL of your own.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Here it is July already. My summer vacation is half way over. Ba Humbug! And yes, you would think that I could keep my blog up-to-date, but I haven't.  Tisk. Tisk.  Well anyway, you can find me over on FB most of the time. LOL

Here are a few things I worked on today using The Explore.  I created a gift and "handmade by" tag to go on a gift that I made.  The gift/paper bag was not cut with the Explore. Then I took a dollar store gift bag and cut it down and adhered the handle part inside the bottom part.  I then used the Explore to write my name and "created by". The image is from one of the Imagine images.