Thursday, March 26, 2009

Exploding Box

I snagged this little cutie from Dawn's Stamping Thoughts blog. It is a minature exploding box.


At first, I admit that I was very skeptical about downloading the DS update. I read many comments on the MB that some had problems with the download. I didn't want to do it. I thought I had to take all my files and move them and I just wasn't going to do it. JenC from the MB had designed a cute file for me but it didn't cut right. She said, Fayrai, you need to upgrade to the new DS program. I procrastinate awhile and then today I decided to try it. It worked and it was easy too. I haven't had any problems yet so let's hope all is well. Not only that but I tried to get some files from MB members and they just would not open. I kept getting an error message. So again, I am glad that I did it. I updated my DS. Here is the .cutfile JenC did for me.