Monday, September 14, 2015

A unique journal

Recently my son and his wife took a trip to Europe for a few weeks. It was a surprise to me. So when he told me I bid him have a safe trip and a good time. I had just one request--bring me back a journal. So not knowing if he would fulfill that request, I really forgot about it. Well as their trip neared its end, he sent confirmation that he had indeed gotten me a gift. So I was beside myself trying to guess what it could be. I dreaded having to wait for him to mail it but I just thought I had no other choice. Then on Sunday about a week or so ago, I got a text message from Susan(DIL) that said, "sorry I missed you, I left your gift on the front porch" I could hardly contain myself. I rushed home to find that yes indeed there was my gift all wrapped up nice and pretty. I didn't tear into the wrapping because I wanted to save it. And when I opened it, I was floored. It was a lovely journal  they had gotten in Venice. It is beautiful . As Susan wrote on a little post it about how Venice is known for its blown glass, the journal is custom-made to represent that. See the pics below