Thursday, August 6, 2015

Planning On It

After a week-long session of spiritual instruction, it was time to play catch-up. My planners and journals had been neglected for that long. So pile high on top of each other, I began to plan and journal my heart(and hand) away. Just a little idiomatic phrase there. But it came easy because I had so much to tell and to write. What a jam-packed week it was too. So now it's back to the business of spilling out my life onto white pieces of paper. Ha! I love it! I've also been hanging around the new app Periscope lately as well. I think I'm going to enjoy nesting there. You may even catch me trying to do a few.(psst I have already done a few) Anyway, stay tuned. My handle is Fayrai. 
Also today I stopped in The Little Bake Shoppe located in Wagener, SC. They have amazing sandwiches and pastry. I ordered a Reuben on seven grain bread.
Delicious!! This maybe my last time stopping in for awhile since school is about to begin. Totally not looking forward to that!! At any rate, other than being extremely HOT, the summer was not so bad. Now on to the rest of the year.😒

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