Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year- New Projects

So, it's a new year and as expected, most of us are making those resolutions to do better or different things.  I haven't made any yet.  But I need to throughout the year and not just at the beginning of a new year.  With that said, here is my first project for the new year *2014*.   I have been collecting these empty maple syrup bottles for a while and have always thought that I can repurpose them.  So I did one of them.  I have a YouTube video(FayRaiDesigns) that gives some more details of how I did that.  I also picked up some art journal books at my local Ross and TJMAxx. ( okay that should be enough of those- yeah, RIGHT)So I hope you will visit my YT channel and subscribe as I hope to fill this year with more projects for you. 

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