Tuesday, January 21, 2014

File Folder Frame Project

Sometimes inspiration just doesn't come easy.  That was the case for my project for this month at Scraps of Color Esquire.  I tried Pinterest and countless other sites but nothing was hitting me.  I almost gave up and then I did a search through my Silhouette library. Finally, I found some inspiration.  File folders have been the rage for a while now and that is what caught my eye this time as well.  I had purchased two sets of file folder files with no known use for them at the time.  I knew, however, that I would probably use them in my projects.  So what did I create.... a file folder/memory frame.  After cutting the file folders on my Cameo, I adhered them together and then attached them to an acrylic photo frame.  So the file folder memory frame can be viewed lying down or standing up.  I also used several other images from my Silhouette library.  I guess inspiration can be found everywhere and sometimes patience is what can bring it to you. Check out a short vid on my channel(FayRaiDesigns) by the end of the week.

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