Sunday, July 21, 2013

Collecting Memories

I love mason jars. No, I don't like to use them for  canning fruits or vegetables but I just like the look and structure of these amazing and practical jars.  So when I recently visited Pinterest I came across some artistic uses for these mason jars.  And you know me I love to alter things.  So, these mason jars are repurposed into memory jars that can hold your fondest memories.  My project this month was an easy one because as I said, I love mason jars and I also love to alter things.

For my project, I took a clean mason jar, added some minature pebbles to the bottom.  I then added my picture and closed the lid on my I added ribbon trim around the rim and on the top I layered various flowers and a contrasting beaded embellishment.  I used jute string around the rim and also some tea-stained tags complete with journaling, dates, etc. A silver heart dangles from the lid and I managed to use a rub-on that says"getaway".  For the bottom, the jar sits on a paper doily. Voila! Memories Collected!  So if you are looking for some ingenious ways to collect your memories why not try a memory jar.


DelightfulScrapbookn said...
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DelightfulScrapbookn said...

Faye this is beautiful, wonderful creation!