Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Photo-a-day Challenge

So here's what the sneak peek is all about.  Over at Scraps of Color.ning, Classygirl did a photo a day challenge.  The prompts for each day where generated from this site: Each month the creator of this site has a challenge.  So the challenge that I participated in entailed taking or using a photo everyday based on the prompts.  I decided to create a journal showcasing all my prompts. Let me
share a few pages with you:

This is inside front cover.  The covers are chipboard and the base pages are made using kraft cardstock. The first page gives an overview of the challenge.

On Day 17, the prompt was "the last thing you bought" and Day 18 was "happened this weekend". So something that happened that weekend was that I completed a mini album.

For Day 13, the prompt was "where you slept". So I took a photo of my bed and journaled about how it wasn't made up and that over the years I have slacked in this area.  But I was raised to always make the bed when you rise in the morning.  Even so, I am grateful for these life lessons. Then on Day 14, the prompt was "man-made". I took a photo of my watch and told about how this man-made item makes it easier for all of us to be on time.

I really enjoyed participating in this challenge and putting together this journal.  I am definitely going to try this again.  You can check out my YouTube Channel(FayRaiDesigns)for more details.

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