Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Packing up my Cricut E2

My Cricut Expression2 developed a problem recently and I am having to pack it up and send it packing.  I  had it a year and some and I loved creating with it.  However, the usb port broke not allowing me to connect it to my computer for updates or use it with my Gypsy.  So away I had to send it for a replacement.  What bothered me was that it is the Anniversary Edition with 4 cartridges preloaded onto it. But as the customer  service rep ( Tanja-she was awesome with helping me)  explained I still have those carts on my Gypsy and on my Cricut classroom account so that made me feel a little better.  But there was something about having those carts right on the E2 that just made me kinda sad.  I'll have a brand new E2 soon and I can pair my Gypsy again with it.  So as I await it's arrival I'll be cutting with my first Expression which is my go-to machine.  Bye, Bye E2 Anniversary Edition.

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Krafthead said...

Awe, so sorry :( That is one of my concerns as I also have the AE2. I hope you enjoy your new one though!