Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Award

I received this award from Coley at Coley's Craft Corner. Thank you so much Coley. The rules of this award are to name seven things about yourself and then list 15 people that have inspired you. So here goes:
1. I started crafting in my teens
2. Sewing was my first love.
3. I was once a high school teacher
4. I have three children
5. I am a grandmother
6. I live in South Carolina
7. I love making mini albums
Here are 15 people who have inspired me:

1. Marion Smith ( A Piece of Craft.com)
2. Elsa (Just a Few Designs. blogspot.com)
3. Laura Dennison ( Follow the Paper Trail)
4.Dawn (Dawn's Stamping Thoughts)
5. Inking Idaho
6. Brain Things
7.A Bit East
8. Regina Easter ( The Cutting Cafe)
9. Regina (All Things Pretty2)
10. Teresa (ScrapDiva4ever)
11. Arlene (Butterfly Kisses 12)
12. Kathy (Paper Phenomenon)
13. Bona(LiveLoveScrap)
14. Samantha (Pinkaboo6691)
15.Kathryn(Life on the Scrap Beach)

1 comment:

Coley said...

You're very welcome! Keep up the great crafting :D