Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blogger's Block?

What is Blogger's block?  I just penned that term to describe the fog that I'm in right now.  What is a blogger to do?  Who can help me out of this slump?  Anyone want to extend a hand?  Well I managed this morning to pull off one project.  While blog jumping, I came upon Roxy's blog:stampingwithroxy and she then referred everyone who stopped by to Heather Scott's blog.  The project is a double-pocket bag made from one 12-inch sheet of DP.  It is really cute.  The tut-tor is on Heather's blog as well as Roxy's.  Check it out:


Heather said...

Love your bag! Thanks for the shout out - I always love seeing what others do with the different projects that we paper crafters come up with.

Carol said...

The bag is CUTE, Fayrai!!! From where I'm sitting, it doesn't look like you have any kind of blocks, these turned out PRETTY NICE!!! When I have Blogger's block I just go and surf through other's blogs and see if something catches my eye - very much like what you did!

FayraiDesigns said...

Thanks ladies.
You've made my day. I like to know someone is loking at my creations. Thanks alot.