Monday, January 5, 2009

My backpack is packed

My backpack is packed and ready to go. "With what?" you say. Oh, some cards, maybe some treats. Jen and I are back at it. After a little respite we whipped up a cute little backpack that you can fill with all kinds of goodies. Happy packing!


Jen said...

YAY! FAYE!! we did it!! Sorry for the massive screwup before. I really appreciate your patience my friend. :o)

Snatertje said...

this backpack is too cute, great job ladies.

take care Linda

FayraiDesigns said...

Thanks Jen and Linda,
It was such fun to create

niecy said...

I love this backpack design would love the cut file, thanks

Matthewsmommy said...

LOVE THIS!! Love your site. Could I get the information on how the create this wonderful bag.

Thank you for all your beautiful items you have created and shared with us.