Friday, January 9, 2009


The old saying holds true, "Great minds think a like". Jen and I were thinking about Capadia's notecardbox. As I was thinking I should ask her to do a .cutfile, she was doing a .cutfile. Well it all turned out well. Capadia's design is fabulous and Jen made it easy to put together with no figuring. Look!


Jen said...

Woohoo! Thanks again Faye for a wonderful creation. :o)I've emailed a copy to Capadia so she has it now too. Hope she likes it.

Anonymous said...

Anyway to get the Cricut file to cut this box?

Linda said...

Wow! So much easier than measuring, cutting and punching corners! LOL Loved Capadia's and now I love this as well.
Any chance for the .cut file as well please?


Susan said...

Faye, that is really pretty - I love the papers you chose and your embellishment. Very nice!

Laurel said...

Just beautiful - love the colors and embellishments

Darling grandbaby!!